Our visual template editor

Take a closer look at the editor that enables you to create your own automation templates.

You make the rules

In order to automate documents you need rules.
Rules determine which elements will be part of your final document. Define rules easily with a few clicks.

Of course rules can also be applied to your questionnaires if you want them to be dynamic.

No use case is too complex

Create any combination of rules that you can imagine. You can stack, nest or group them. And thanks to our visual editor you always keep an overview.

Instantly preview your results

View and test your smart templates at any time while drafting.

Experience the bilingual mode

Create bilingual templates in no time. The optional DeepL integration makes things even easier.

Build and reuse Modules

Build reusable template components. Reduce redundant work and manage content in one place.

Use custom calculations

Integrate dynamic calculations in your templates.

We're here to help

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