Privacy Law


An NDA can be simple or complex. Just take a look at how varied an NDA can be and how quickly a first draft can be created despite its complexity.

Privacy policy (multi-lingual)

Create the first draft of the appropriate privacy policy for your customers or clients with just a few clicks in any language you want. You cannot forget any of your clauses.

Data processing agreement (multi-lingual)

Quickly tailor a data processing agreement for your clients by simply answering a few questions. Create it quickly in the language of your choice.

Audit Report (multi-document)

Create an audit report, a summary for the client and any other necessary documents with just a set of questions.

Data Protection Officer Contract + Certificate of Appointment

The smart template is making it possible: despite the individual scope of services, do not forget your own clauses and quickly send a first draft to the new customer.

DHPG - full contract set for client

The entire contract set of the company synalis was automated with lawlift. This includes the project contract, license agreement, order processing agreement, software maintenance agreement, etc.

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