Private Equity

Shareholder agreement (multi-lingual)

The shareholder agreement is a typical case of automation. Combine any clauses and simply select the desired language and which language combination you want to use.

Health care proxy

See by yourself, how easily a health care proxy can be drawn up.


An NDA can be simple or complex. Just take a look at how varied an NDA can be and how quickly a first draft can be created despite its complexity.

Prenuptial agreement

Even with a prenuptial agreement, you don't always have to reinvent the wheel. Known and proven clauses can be collected and automated.

Share Deal (multi-lingual)

Create a first draft without forgetting a clause or a cross connection. At the end, simply choose the language of the document.

Asset Deal (multi-lingual)

Transfer individual assets without forgetting the respective specifics, legal requirements or clauses and create the first draft in just a few minutes.

Investment Agreement

You can decide which of your standard contractual clauses and special clauses should be included for risk capital operations.

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