Real Estate

Shareholder agreement (multi-lingual)

The shareholder agreement is a typical case of automation. Combine any clauses and simply select the desired language and which language combination you want to use.

Apartment rental agreement

Create with a few clicks, based on your clauses, the appropriate first draft of a residential rental contract.

Apartment Purchase Agreement (interview only)

Automate the gathering of all relevant data from the real estate agent and check the finalized first draft of the apartment purchase contract based on your clauses.

Commercial lease agreement

No matter how complex, the first draft of a commercial lease is available in a few minutes.

Property purchase agreement + LOI (multi-document)

Create, for example, a real estate purchase agreement and LOI (Letter of intent) with only one set of questions. You can combine as many documents and appendices as you want with the same questionnaire.

Apartment Purchase Agreement

Prepare the first draft of a house purchase contract with your clauses based on the third party's answers and/or your answers.

Shareholders' agreement of a property management company

Especially when managing many properties, it makes sense to automatically draw up the partnership agreement of a property management company on the basis of its own clauses.

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